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Adi's Bio

Born in Tehran, into a family very involved in the rug industry, Adi spent his early years learning the trade. As a young adult, he moved to Germany, where he studied civil engineering. Throughout the years, he dedicated much of his time to learning about architecture and design, which eventually lead him into the rug and furniture business.

In 1985, Adi moved to Chicago, where he met his wife, Kimberly. A year later, they moved to San Diego and started their business, Aja Rugs, in La Jolla. By 1995, the company was well established, and Adi started manufacturing private labels for different furniture companies. He has also worked closely with various actors, sports team owners, and hall of fame baseball and NFL players. Studying color and design trends throughout the years, Adi saw a high demand for custom rugs. In 1995, he opened manufacturing plants in India and Nepal. While focusing on specific colors and styles, Adi made sure that the quality and tradition of rug making would be priorities in his business.

At the same time, Adi created partnerships with agents in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This way, he could control the quality, design, color and style of the rugs, from inception to completion. Later, he also developed one of a kind collections, his attention to detail lead to Aja Rugs being recognized by America’s Mart, in 2008, as the retailer of the year.

His expertise landed him an opportunity in the hospitality industry, and his hard work has made him known on a national level. His latest work is ongoing at the Grand Beach Hotel and Grand Beach Hotel Surfside, in Miami, Florida. Previously, he worked on the 52 million dollar renovation at the US Grant Hotel, in downtown San Diego. Adi’s vast portfolio includes the exclusive San Ysidro Ranch (Santa Barbara), and unique boutique hotels throughout the country. Adi and Kimberly live in San Diego, where they raised their three children.