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Rug Cleaning

rug repairs

With proper maintenance, a quality rug can be enjoyed for several generations. It can be cleaned and repaired repeatedly, without marring its original beauty.

Regular Maintenance

Vacuuming at least once per week, or more often for heavily trafficked areas, is an effective and economical way to remove soil and dirt particles before they become embedded in the pile of the rug. Make sure to vacuum your rug from different angles.

An upright vacuum with a beater-bar will be effective on cut pile carpet. However, heavy suction can pull fibers from a loop pile or berber rug, causing your rug to appear “fuzzy”. For those rugs, use the vacuum on a hard surface or high-pile setting, or use the handheld attachment whenever possible. Brooms and manual sweepers are also gentle and effective tools for maintaining your rug. For best results, empty the vacuum bag when half full.

If the rug has surged (finished) edges, refrain from continuously running the vacuum over the edges, as this will loosen the fibers and cause deterioration. Avoid vacuuming over any fringes, as fraying may occur, or the fringe may get caught in the vacuum. Use a handheld attachment to clean the fringes.

If a rug is reversible, make sure to vacuum both sides. This will remove grit and grime that can prematurely wear out your rug.

Spot Removal

It is important to examine your rugs regularly, particularly after heavy use, to ensure that stains are addressed in a timely manner. Once the stain is set, it becomes far more difficult to remove.

  • Scoop solids with a blunt edged implement, such as a spoon or the blunt end of a butter knife.
  • Gently blot liquids with a white, lint free paper towel or cloth. Never rub the stain; this may cause spreading or distort the pile of the carpet.
  • Apply a small amount of spot removal agent to a clean cloth, and never directly to the spot. Note: If applying cleaning solvents, test in a small inconspicuous area first.
  • Starting from the outer edges and working inwards to prevent spreading, blot the stain. Do not rub, and be careful not to over saturate the carpet with liquids.
  • Once you are satisfied that the stain has been removed, blot with a clean towel to extract as much moisture as possible.
  • For wool rugs, avoid excessive heat or agitation, as they are more prone to bleeding and staining than synthetic rugs.
  • To clean indoor/outdoor rugs, spray with a mixture of mildly soapy water and rinse with a garden hose.


These measures will help you maintain your rug and prevent excessive soiling.

  • Place absorbent door mats at entrances to your home or business. Change or launder when the mats become soiled or worn.
  • Regularly change filters in your heating and air conditioning systems.

Periodic Maintenance

For stubborn stains, use a professional cleaning service that specializes in rugs. Do not dry clean your rug, as strong cleaning chemicals may damage or fade the rug. When having your rug professionally cleaned, always use a reputable company that is experienced specifically in rug care. At Aja Design, our experts will use the most effective cleaning method to ensure the beauty and life of your rug.

Additional Information

Loose fibers. Natural fiber rugs inherently have loose fibers and knots. Loose threads on the face of the rug should be trimmed with sharp scissors. To avoid unraveling or damaging the rug, threads on the rug’s face should never be pulled.
Shedding. All wool rugs will shed. Shedding will subside over time, depending on traffic and wear. Do not pull yarn fibers, as this may result in damage to the rug.
Color. No two hand-made rugs are ever exactly the same color. Slight color variations are expected for hand-made rugs.
Creases. If your rug has been rolled or folded for shipping, it may appear creased. Creases should disappear within one to two weeks after the rug is laid flat.
Odor. Odors are caused by certain dyes, yarns, and storage in sealed packaging. Most odors dissipate within a short period.
Fading and Wear. We use only the best, fade-resistant dyes. However, if exposed to direct sunlight, rug colors will fade over time. Rugs should be rotated every three to six months to balance color and evenly distribute wear and fading.

For expert cleaning and repair services, please contact us to schedule your appointment.